Ali Malik
Student and Lecturer at Stanford University
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I am a student at Stanford University studying Mathematics (logic, probability, number theory) and Computer Science (theory, machine learning, security). I lecture a class on standard C++ programming!

I love teaching and thinking about problems that make my brain hurt. I keep a blog on the side where I write about random Maths, CS, and Philosophy related gems that come my way.


This blog is generally just my ramblings about random things. Whenever I encounter anything interesting or figure out a cool way to think about a problem, I write the results up here for personal venting and public education.


Here are some links to the class websites of the courses I have taught at Stanford so far. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to email me!

Papers and Projects


A. Malik

A collection of writings on various mathematical concepts as well as solutions to cool math problems and puzzles.

Archive of Code

A. Malik

A compilation of various code snippets and programs I have written. Examples include some interesting data structures, algorithms, interview problems, as well as other utility functions that I've found use for from time to time.


A. Malik

An assignment I wrote where students implement an algorithm that finds a link ladder between two given Wikipedia pages.

Stylistic Similarity of Literature

A. Malik

An attempt to analyse the importance of writing style on the perceived greatness of literature.