I am a student at Stanford University studying Mathematics (logic, probability, number theory) and Computer Science (theory, machine learning, security). I lecture a class on standard C++ programming!

I love teaching and thinking about problems that make my brain hurt. I keep a blog on the side where I write about random Maths, CS, and Philosophy related gems that come my way.


This blog is generally just my ramblings about random things. Whenever I encounter anything interesting or figure out a cool way to think about a problem, I write the results up here for personal venting and public education.


Here are some links to the class websites of the courses I have taught at Stanford so far. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to email me!

Papers and Projects


A. Malik, M. Troute, B. Capoor

Exploring the effectiveness of deep generative recurrent networks in the task of understanding and generating motion. In particular, we attempt to generate GIFs of realistic mechanical motion on a synthetic dataset from an initial seed frame.

BlueBook: Secure, Electronic Computer Science Exams

A. Malik, B. Capoor, C. Piech

A secure, reliable, cross-platform desktop application to administer computerised examination for large classes. Has been used to administer over 5000 exams in Stanford's introductory CS classes.


A. Malik

A collection of writings on various mathematical concepts as well as solutions to cool math problems and puzzles.

Archive of Code

A. Malik

A compilation of various code snippets and programs I have written. Includes interesting data structures, algorithms, and interview problems.


A. Malik

An assignment I wrote where students implement an algorithm that finds a link ladder between two given Wikipedia pages.

Stylistic Similarity of Literature

A. Malik

An attempt to analyse the importance of writing style on the perceived greatness of literature.