BlueBook: Secure, Electronic Computer Science Exams

BlueBook is a secure, reliable, cross platform desktop application for administering computerised examination for large classes. BlueBook allows for secure handling of sensitive exam data as well as nuanced analytics into student approaches to questions and effectiveness of exams. It has been used actively in the core sequence of CS classes at Stanford University and has been used by over 5000 students.


These are some screenshots from a recent exam for CS106A given on BlueBook.

A Karel problem in BlueBook.
Exam authors can customise their exams freely in BlueBook.
An interactive demo of a problem embedded into the question.
BlueBook supports animations and playable demos of questions so that students can understand the task better.


BlueBook has been the work of a lot of people who have devoted time and energy into thinking about improving examinations. This section is dedicated to thanking the contributors of BlueBook.

Created by:

Special thanks to:

  • Chris Gregg
  • All the Stanford CS staff and section leaders!